About us


Founded in 1991 by partners Maxim Alekseyev and Vassily Rudomino, with a later incorporation of partners Irina Anyukhina, Alexander Zharskiy, Andrey Zharskiy, Anton Dzhuplin, Maria Ostashenko, German Zakharov and Sergey Petrachkov, ALRUD is a leading firm in Russia, providing top legal advice to Russian and foreign companies.

A single global force for the last 26 years, we build and strengthen relationships with leading independent law firms around the world, making us a renowned business, a leader in our field, with the highest quality lawyers.

Our years of experience working with clients from very diverse backgrounds has made us aware that no similar project ever exists which is why we are highly adaptable to change and we provide the best innovative and efficient solutions through tailor-made services to specifically meet our client’s needs and strategic goals.

Our Team

ALRUD is managed by nine highly qualified partners with exceptional experience across the legal industry. We are actively involved in international and Russian associations, the International Bar Association, the American Bar Association, the Inter-Pacific Bar Association, the Association of Lawyers of Russia and others. We are also recommended members from the best international legal business guides and we regularly publish articles and speak at major conferences and seminars worldwide.

Pro Brono

Actively committed to pro bono work, we support artists and we conduct exhibitions, assisting in the selling of paintings.

Our projects include advising on all legal matter regarding corporate restructuring and large investments.

ALRUD also provides legal support to Russian cultural and educational institutions. We have also been supporting the development of the Legal Information Centre of All-Russia State Library of Foreign Literature. This unique legal library provides open access to foreign and Russian legal knowledge sources for students, scientists and legal practitioners.

Global reach

ALRUD is constantly up to date with the latest developments in the industry and is part of various organisations focusing on development of Russian legislation and international organizations including global alliance Ius Laboris. By maintaining close contacts with the law community worldwide, it incorporates its international knowledge and expertise into its home practice, which gives ALRUD a leading advantage in Russia.